Eberron: Moonlight

Session #3
Goblin mischief

This episode begins with Fletcher and Ratch meeting up with Brasco Nannin. Brasco has finished modifying Ratch’s scythe but has some questions for the party about Cyre and the fate of its refugees. Brasco takes them for supporters of the Cyran cause and offers to sell them some illegal black market explosives. The offer is declined.


Fletcher and Ratch then head to Cogsgate to do some surveillance on the gang of goblins in the district. Disguising themselves and digging into an elevated position, the duo watches the goblin operation well into the night. They are rewarded when a group of goblins sauntered out into the night with a stack of posters and a bucket of glue. Fletcher and Ratch decide then to get some backup and raid the place. After some back and forth with House Deneith, they are granted the authority to command a small platoon of Deneith Blademarks for this operation. The day after the stakeout the party hits the old sagging warehouse as hard as they can. Streaming in weapons drawn, the soldiers fan out and face off against the crowd of goblins. The towering adamantine warforged figure of the “King” stands at the front of the goblin group, hands on his hips and looking unimpressed. Words are exchanged and eventually a deal is struck. The “King” admits he was approached by a warforged named Shadowblack and paid to put up posters.

Fletcher and Ratch decide to rest, and then report to Tasra d’Deneith the next day. Drunken revelry greets them at the Weary Unicorn; Wildnight is approaching and the people of Sharn are beginning to let loose in anticipation. The report to Tasra goes well. She seems pleased due to the progress and confirms Shadowblack as the prime suspect. She said that another of the inquisitives, one Viktor Saint-Demain, also named him and said he would be found in the Blackbones district of the Cogs…

Stay tuned for the next episode!

Session #2
Dragonmakred houses


This session started off with Fletcher and Ratch heading into the upper city of Sharn. Meeting with the Sentinal Marshal Tasra d’Deneith, the duo first listened to her address a room of freelancer adventuring types. House Deneith is recruiting locally due to a manpower shortage. Activity on the Mournland border has drawn away a large contingent of forces, including most of the Sentinal Marshals stationed in the city. She is asking for assistance in locating whoever is responsible for the warforged unrest plaguing the Cogs of the city. The Sentinal Marshals think this might be connected to other events of unrest that have caused international incidents in the past few weeks.

The party traverses the city and ends up in Cogsgate, a warehouse district in the lower city that has main entryways into the Cogs proper. They quickly notice a small cloaked figure shadowing them from the alleyways. Wary of some kind of ambush, Ratch summons the phantom that plagues him into reality and begins to set a trap. Acting as bait, Ratch gives Fletcher a window to sneak up on the goblin and put a blade to him. Having the sneaky git at their mercy, the party makes him answer some questions about the area. Between this and talking to the local House Deneith captain, the party learns a few things about what’s going in Cogsgate. The local crime boss is a warforged calling himself “The King”. His crew don’t seem to be involved in putting up warforged propaganda, but the King approves of it. The King operates out of a dilapidated rust coloured warehouse in a slummy corner of the district.


The next day finds Ratch wanting to invest some gold in his weapon of choice. They might be in the depths of the Cogs soon and he wants to be ready. After asking around a little bit they come up with a few different recommendations and end up deciding to seek out one Brasco Nannin, inventor and smith. He runs The Gray Sword in the High Walls refugee district. Brasco agrees to help Ratch, even going so far as to drop everything else to get this done as fast as possible. Ratch looks into warforged attitudes and opinions around the district, and ends up in a small forge run by halflings. After a talk with the manager, not much is learned except for one name. The Tain Foundry. They are located in the Blackbones district of the Cogs and might know more about what’s going on down there.

Session #1
Missing persons


In this first episode of our 80s TV show, Badass Rogue-Guy and Ratch, we start off at the duo’s humble abode, the Weary Unicorn. Having exorcised a poltergeist for him a while back the owner and operator of the establishment, Ivello Rocco, offered the upper floor as a place to hang the party’s hats (provided rent is paid!).

This particular morning Ivello has two messages for the duo when Ratch inquires. One, a beggar woman’s cry for help about a missing daughter that came with a quickly scrawled address in a bad part of the city. The other, a nicely worded if informal in tone missive about being invited to work with the Sentinal Marshals of House Deneith. Fletcher and Ratch decide to investigate the missing daughter in the time they have before heading to the House Deneith Enclave.

Leaving the architectural anarchy and musical chaos of the entertainment district that is Hareth’s folly behind the party descends into the lower city in search of Grayfood, a Cliffside disctrict. After winding through several districts and down a couple of massive cargo lifts they arrive in Grayflood. Not knowing exactly where to start they canvas the area known as Three Dog Square, the border between the brothels of the red light district and warehouses of the docks themselves. The duo finds a crying woman hunched over in a nearby ally who begs them for help, not knowing this exactly why they are here.

The woman, Prada, admits to desperately seeking help all morning but to no avail. Her daughter Sarafina (who has a strange birthmark!) was sent to buy vegetables the night before and did not return. After briefly questioning the vegetable vendor Gorth, the duo decide to investigate a place the locals call the Roach Motel, really a busted down old inn named the Copper Kettle.

The inn laid at the end of a disused alley that was on little Sarafina’s route. It stank of rot and taint and as the duo got closer they could see cockroaches, hundreds of them covering the structure. Preparing for the worst Ratch pauses and performs a ritual in the middle of the dark alley; the sickly twisted phantom of despair tied to Ratch is summoned into physical existence. Not wanting to touch anything unless absolutely necessary, Fletcher puts a boot to the front door. Thousands of cockroaches, dozens of rotting bodies, and two flail wielding crazed roach-infested humans greet them. The inhabitants charge at Fletcher and Ratch slurring the words “For the Crawling Lord”. Ratch’s phantom becomes ectoplasmic and frighteningly real as it meets one head on absorbing hits from a swinging flail. Fletcher’s crossbow finds its mark and the roach-humans go down.

Upstairs the duo find another roach-human, this one has a little girl pinned to a table with its mouth over hers, slime dripping. It releases her, turns to face the party, and screeches. Skin rips open with ease and a human-sized cockroach emerges. It walks on its hind legs and waves the other four menacingly. A vicious close quarters fight takes place and blood is spilled on both sides, but the monster is finally cut down.


Rushing to little Sarafina’s aid Ratch finds something moving under her skin. Realizing he doesn’t have much time, Ratch decides to perform some immediate surgery, but the Copper Kettle is disgustingly filthy and Ratch did not bring his healer’s kit. Fletcher says he knows a madame in the area named Red, and that she might be able to provide a clean room and some tools. As Ratch is taking Sarafina out of the building, Fletcher hits up the bar of the Roach Motel looking for something strong and hopefully flammable. After scooping a couple bottles into a satchel and dumping out a few more on the tables and chairs, Fletcher brings out the flint and steel and sets the place ablaze.

Shouts of FIRE! are heard and a group of people form up to watch very quickly after, yet no one seems to move to put out the flames. Once securing a room and healer’s kit from Red, Ratch gets to work. After several hours of inducing vomiting and prodding the abdomen, Ratch is able to force the parasite out of Sarafina just enough to snatch it with some tongs. Feeling relieved, Fletcher and Ratch return Sarafina to her mother who feels so grateful that she tries to give them her only treasure. They refuse the treasure but do walk away with some valuables from the roach motel.


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