Tasra d'Deneith

Sentinel Marshal, human, dragonmarked


A high ranking scion of House Deneith, Tasra wields a greater dragonmark which can sometimes be seen poking out from under a collar or cuff. She is a human approaching middle age, but still lean and fit. She tends to keep a serious face on as befitting a leader of her stature; old scars cut across her cheek and brow. Her attire is made up of beautiful leathers and fine cloth with a masterwork longsword at her hip.


Tasra and her twin sister Lalia are well known in Sharn. Asking around will turn up plenty of stories about the sisters chasing down their criminal prey. They were the city’s top inquisitives for 15 years before being promoted to Sentinel Marshals. Now the sisters chase war criminals fleeing across the continent.

Tasra d'Deneith

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