Eberron: Moonlight

Session #3

Goblin mischief

This episode begins with Fletcher and Ratch meeting up with Brasco Nannin. Brasco has finished modifying Ratch’s scythe but has some questions for the party about Cyre and the fate of its refugees. Brasco takes them for supporters of the Cyran cause and offers to sell them some illegal black market explosives. The offer is declined.


Fletcher and Ratch then head to Cogsgate to do some surveillance on the gang of goblins in the district. Disguising themselves and digging into an elevated position, the duo watches the goblin operation well into the night. They are rewarded when a group of goblins sauntered out into the night with a stack of posters and a bucket of glue. Fletcher and Ratch decide then to get some backup and raid the place. After some back and forth with House Deneith, they are granted the authority to command a small platoon of Deneith Blademarks for this operation. The day after the stakeout the party hits the old sagging warehouse as hard as they can. Streaming in weapons drawn, the soldiers fan out and face off against the crowd of goblins. The towering adamantine warforged figure of the “King” stands at the front of the goblin group, hands on his hips and looking unimpressed. Words are exchanged and eventually a deal is struck. The “King” admits he was approached by a warforged named Shadowblack and paid to put up posters.

Fletcher and Ratch decide to rest, and then report to Tasra d’Deneith the next day. Drunken revelry greets them at the Weary Unicorn; Wildnight is approaching and the people of Sharn are beginning to let loose in anticipation. The report to Tasra goes well. She seems pleased due to the progress and confirms Shadowblack as the prime suspect. She said that another of the inquisitives, one Viktor Saint-Demain, also named him and said he would be found in the Blackbones district of the Cogs…

Stay tuned for the next episode!



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