Weary Unicorn

Ivello Rocco runs this simple but cozy tavern. The party is currently renting the 3rd floor for their personal use. Ivello is giving a nice discount on the monthly rate due to the party helping banish a poltergeist.

The tavern is perched on a large stone through-fare connecting two towers; its one of multiple wooden drinking establishments that have grown between the two stone monoliths. One tower holds an indoor market for several floors and the other full of residential apartments. Several smaller wooden catwalks spring from every structure creating an intricate web for drunks to stumble into. The district is known as a drinking/gambling destination for the lower class.

Accommodations: Common (rough bed or raised sleeping platform, pillow, blanket)

Menu: Common fare (Leg of mutton, Soft cheese, Leeks, Strawberries, Goose eggs, Pomegranate, Nut bread, Common Ale)

Clientele: Drunks, gamblers, lower class workers

The 3rd (and top) floor privileges grant the party access to 3 small bedrooms, 1 washroom with tub, and 1 common room with a fireplace and large wooden table. A tiny balcony attached to the common room gives everyone a view of the twisting maze of architecture that is Hareth’s Folly. A heavy wooden door at the top of the stairs separates the 3rd floor from the rest of the Weary Unicorn.


Weary Unicorn

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